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Matthew Cook vk5zm at bistre.net
Tue Feb 16 16:46:34 AEDT 2016


A few of us here in VK5 have put together ammo boxes (x4) with the
following for "Field Portable" Receive Only iGates;

   - Raspberry Pi 2 model B
   - TNC-Pi
   - Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U (USB 3G)
   - 2 x 7Ah Gelcells
   - 5V at 2A PSU (inc low volt dropout)

Radio wise we're all using surplus 2m HT's like the IC-2GA, IC-u2, IC-2AT
hmm common Icom theme there...

For new radios I'd be looking for a FC-301/D since there is plenty of
information about getting these to work (including a service manual) on the
argent data website.  They will do 8W at 12V into a good antenna and actually
draw less power than my favoured FM828, front end is a little naf when
co-sited with other TX's but out in the country away from the muck they do
well enough without gongs !

Antenna wise we've just screwed SO-239/MCB bases to the lids of the ammo
boxes for both 2m and 3G.  Then just a couple of mobile whips.  These can
sit out on the ground, or be placed at the bottom of a portable mast fed
with RG213 and PL-259 connectors etc...

O/S wise it's just Aprx, Raspbian (latest), AX25 stack, i2ckiss etc.  By
far the hardest part was the 3G modem, in some ways those 3G/4G Wingle's
(3G over wifi modules) are far easier.   If you've got the $$$ then the
Microtik RB411 series routers are excellent too.   The rPi WiFi module is
really easy to use.

There isn't that much to be done in terms of linux config or compiling.  If
you've any reasonable linux skills 3-4 hours tops (excluding 3G modelm =) )

As mentioned previously I've had good success with the rPi and AX25 stack,
I've had my temporary lash up (VK5ZM-5) on air for three years now and I've
not had to reset it yet.  I know your experience has been somewhat




On 15 February 2016 at 16:52, Liz <edodd55 at gmail.com> wrote:

> If you were going to set up a new digipeater / igate which would need
> its own radio, 3G telephone etc
> what hardware would you use?
> [Assume plenty of Linux knowledge]
> While I have some old hardware, it may be more sensible to get fresh
> working equipment.
> Liz
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