[OZAPRS] Weather Station

Liz (Gmail) edodd55 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 19:35:20 EST 2015

VK5MW wrote:
> I have a weather station currently active on Weather Underground. (
> ISOUTHAU218 ). Id like to get the data over to aprs. Unfortunately the
> station does not have a simple place to get the data from. Is it possible
> to
> get it from Weather Underground or should I try to hack the station.
> Here is the station I have.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ambient-Weather-WS-1001-WIFI-OBSERVER-Solar-Powered-
> Wireless-WiFi-Remote-/121687405831?hash=item1c55227507
> Regards
Like a couple of others, I use Weewx for my weather station. Until I broke
my RPi iGate I was pulling my weather data back off the internet feed and
broadcasting it on 2m.
Weewx has an active community with a googlegroups mailing list, so someone
there will be able to answer if your weather station is currently
I have used Open2300 before, but it requires some juggling to put the data
through APRS servers rather than CWOP servers.

If so far you are not into Linux, I'd suggest getting a Raspberry Pi and
giving Weewx a trial as a first project.

VK2XSE mobile VK7

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