[OZAPRS] antenna for mobile HF-APRS

Liz VK2XSE edodd55 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 13:31:20 EST 2015

QTR Sun, 1 Mar 2015 10:04:30 +1100 vk2ycj at bravo.net.au QTC

> Liz,
> Great, this is an exciting project and that Diamond mobile whip looks
> like a very good option.
> I have an Ultimate-3 here which is complete and ready to go on WSPR
> with 6 band switching.  Antenna construction is holding me up.
> Jamie

My concern is with the mount. I'm tempted by another one of Terry
Clincher's antennae, as he now offers a single frequency option, with a
big spring on the base, as I'd like durability.
Ian's idea of making your own is fine but until the 9 day week comes
in, it's not going to happen.


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