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I note that USA have their APRS gateways around the 7.100 MHz area...  Europe is lower like ours

North America
7.0865 general 40 packet
7.1010 USB HF skip net robust packet
7.1035 LSB HF skip net bbs to bbs
7.1030 USB 40mRP network


7.0473 USB

Would be nice to have a global system... Particularly for Boats

Maybe we just stay we're we are as region 3 until we get a cross region agreement if that's what we want?



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On Dec 18, 2015, at 2:04 AM, "Gerard Hill" <vk2io at amsat.org<mailto:vk2io at amsat.org>> wrote:

Hi Matthew,

That is the bandplan for ITU Region 3 (our region) and as you say it has narrowband modes from 7030 to 7040 unlike the WIA bandplan that has CW within this segment. It would be worth clarifying this with the WIA TAC (Technical Advisory Committee). I expect they'll say it is for harmonisation with IARU Region 1<http://www.iaru-r1.org/index.php/documents/Documents/HF/IARU-Region-1-HF-Bandplan--2014/> and Region 2<http://www.iaru-r2.org/documents/explorer/files/Plan%20de%20bandas%20%7C%20Band-plan/R2%20Band%20Plan%202013.pdf> that have CW up to 7040 then narrowband digital modes from 7040 to 7050 then wideband digital modes (and SSB) from 7050 to 7060.

As for increasing awareness of the frequency change, promotion on this mailing list, WIA broadcasts as well as the outlets you mention would go a long way towards saturation coverage. Advising users of the 7040-7050 segment about the change in mode will be a step towards seeing it freed for digital modes. I know of one daily net that has already moved from 7045 to a frequency in the SSB segment. There are more - it just takes time.

Considering our new bandplan, are there other 40m APRS users around the world that we could harmonise with?

Gerard - VK2IO

On 16/12/2015 11:29 PM, Matthew Cook wrote:
In reading all three docs it appears that the latest WIA 40m band plan has followed the ITU Narrow Band (NB) DX recommendation starting at 7.040, which still has NB modes listed down to 7.030.  I wonder why, this seems half baked at first glance?

The 40m APRS frequency has been 7.036kHz (group C tones) for as long as I can remember.

Perhaps some clarification from the WIA can be sought through the TAC's as to when/why was this changed.  I know my VK5 TAC well and am happy to discuss.   I'm sure there will be further changes to the ITU band plans as of the recent meeting of the minds.  For the time being it seems sensible to sit tight, ask a few questions and see what happens.   The band plans are fluid as was recently demonstrated with the 2m and 70cm bandplans having been straightened out and previous decisions reversed.

If the frequency needs to change, then this will need to include a national awareness campaign, so information in AR, vklogger, faceborg etc in an attempt to get the new frequency out there.  Otherwise those in the know will move, but those that haven't heard will simply think it's closed down... which would be sad.  There are a number of rag chewers in the 7.040-7.050 region using SSB already, so moving and camping in there will lead to a few cross words.

Just my 0.022c worth inc GST and since I've got a vested interest in helping said Ham in the Riverland get Larry's gate going again on 40m and I hate reprogramming 8525/8528 Codans with a passion !



On 16 December 2015 at 02:20, Gerard Hill <vk2io at amsat.org<mailto:vk2io at amsat.org>> wrote:
Interesting history on the origins of 7036 LSB for APRS. I tend to quote dial frequencies for the "standard" 1600/1800 Hz tones. The dial frequencies for the six other tone pairs in common use are available here: http://aprs.net.au/hf/hf-aprs-frequencies

When it comes to looking for a spare slot in the band its the centre frequency that is of interest. This is 1700 Hz less than the dial frequency. Looking at the group archives, there was a lot of discussion in Oct 2009 about moving away from 7036 to avoid QRM. We never did move :) Now we'll have to.

The current ZL bandplan<http://www.nzart.org.nz/info/technical/hf-band-usage/> has not changed since 2013. The segments in 40m are the same as the old VK bandplan. Its probably due for a review to fall in line with the latest IARU Region 3 bandplan: <http://iaru-r3.org/?dl_id=1> http://iaru-r3.org/?dl_id=1
In VK we should follow the VK bandplan (as released in Sep 2015). Its annoying to have to change frequency, but its going to happen so we might as well get established as soon as we can when there is more choice of frequencies. Liz VK2XSE, I'm in the same boat and will have to reprogram radios - we all will. Now to work out what the frequency should be...

Gerard - VK2IO

On 14/12/2015 9:19 PM, Scott Evans wrote:
The History of HF APRS on 40m stems from our friends in ZL. That was the frequency that suited best for their local coverage and so I just setup there. Now I'm not up to speed with the ZL band plan (or if there is one) but I do recall a problem with the use of digital modes higher up the band. Personally I'd prefer to stay on the frequency I'm on purely for the fact that it's a known frequency for use in VK/ZL

back in the archives of this mailing list you will find a bit of chatter around 2007/2008 for reestablishing either a 40m or 20m network as an alternate for VK standard license class as they don't have permission to operate on WARC bands. After quite a bit of testing between the two bands it was settled that 40m was the better of the two at that time.

just one thing to remember, depending on the tone pair of your HF TNC/Tracker most use 1600/1800Hz but some older gear (like the Pakratt PK-232) uses 2110/2310Hz this affects your dial frequency. The reference to 7.036 LSB is for 1600/1800Hz tones so your dial frequency is 7.036+/- and if you are using 2110/2310Hz like me, the dial frequency is 7.036510 LSB (2110/2310Hz)

Now I'm not going to confuse this any further by quoting center frequencies like is done with pactor! :D

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