[OZAPRS] VK5LY IGate status

Liz (Gmail) edodd55 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 21:36:06 EST 2015

Larry wrote:
> Hi all
> Unforetunately I have had to turn off my HF (30m & 40m) and VHF  igates
> due to a rather serious medical condition (spinal surgery) which has
> required my hospitalisation at Hampstead Rehab Unit in Adelaide.  This is
> the first time in over 16 years of providing the service that I have had
> to turn the system off for anything other than routine maintenance.
> I will return the service to full functionality as soon as I am able -
> hopefully weeks rather than months.
> BTW I fully endorse the use of the SCS DSP  TNC for HF igates - expensive
> but 
> invaluable for decoding off net frequency packets.
> 73 Larry VK5LY
> Sent from my steam powered electron
> generator!

Best wishes Larry for a speedy recovery.
in Broken Hill today, but HF in car not finished install so not missing
the iGate

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