[OZAPRS] Messaging

Owen Duffy owen at owenduffy.net
Sun Nov 16 13:38:33 EST 2014

I am trying to understand the reason why this message is appearing
continuously on my iGate feed:

2014-11-16 02:24:53.275 VK2OMD-3  d
*VK2UBQ-9>APOT30,TCPIP,VK2NR-5*::VK2XSO-5 :ashim at shell servo{bh

At this time, VK2UBQ-9 is in Dubbo, and VK2XSO-5 is in Melbourne, and I
interpret my log record to mean that Vk5NR-5 thinks it is important that
all of Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Southern Highlands etc needs to
hear this message repeated every few minutes.

Can someone explain the rationale behind this traffic?


Bigpond: http://owenduffy.net/grabber/bigpond/graph/ .

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