[OZAPRS] Are 4 x iGates in Sydney too many?

Liz VK2XSE edodd at billiau.net
Sun May 25 11:32:59 EST 2014

QTR Thu, 22 May 2014 21:47:13 +1000 Ian Mills QTC

> I've noticed we now have at least 4 x iGates in Sydney, I would have 
> thought that's too many and may be adding extra loads on the sever as 
> they all gate the same traffic?
> Ian vk2him

The guys in the US, who have more experience in handling large traffic
volumes, seem to whinge far more about excessive digipeating than
excessive iGating.
I did notice on my last trip to Wollongong that my packets were being
spread far and wide, and often gated from Newcastle after being picked
up by VK2AMW-1. (WIDE2-2)

The questions can best be answered by experimentation. 
There is apparently a need for better RF coverage in Sydney. How much
redundancy is required in the iGating system could be explored by
deliberately turning off internet connectivity at one or more of the
Sydney iGates. 
Sydney users would need to know when these changes were made, and then
comment on negative and positive aspects of the changes.
We would also need to know how many hops people are using in their

And is there any information from the APRS-IS server operators about
network load?

who hopes not to be using APRS in Sinny, 15 years living there was

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