[OZAPRS] Checking the wind flows ...

Terry, VK5ATN vk5atn at internode.on.net
Thu May 15 21:19:45 EST 2014

The Pico Balloon experiments are fascinating from several perspectives   
Well done Andy!

This site may be of interest in predicting the direction of travel of 
the payload at any given time.


A menu is available when you click on "earth" at the LH side of the 
screen.    You can check the flow at various levels by clicking on the 
various hPa items on offer.   I once did a translation from these 
options to the corresponding flight levels (altitude values) but I've 
misplaced the envelope somewhere.   There are lot of options on this 
page, and as a person who has worked with the weather for most of my 
life and also in my sport, it's a very interesting presentation.  Zoom 
in /out, drag the earth to any place you want to see -  Fascinating!

Looking at the most recent payload when it was drifting NE from the 
greater Sydney area a day or so back, I was almost prepared to predict 
then that it might wind up traveling over the central North Island of 
New Zealand on the basis of the 700 hPa flow, but I wasn't game to stand 
up and say so.


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