[OZAPRS] PICO balloon flight Melbourne - Sydney with APRS payload

Justin Albury justin at jacomms.com
Mon Mar 17 14:24:49 EST 2014

Heard it in Goulburn and Highrange (NSW)


Justin Albury
J Albury Communications
justin at jacomms.com

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Subject: [OZAPRS] PICO balloon flight Melbourne - Sydney with APRS payload

Hi all,

Another PICO balloon flight is on its way to Sydney from Melbourne

Predicted path is Melbourne - Sydney - NZ
Currently over Beechworth at 7000m, doing 125km/h.

Payload is an ultra-light APRS beacon transmitting 10mW on 145.175Mhz.

Callsign is VK3YT-11

APRS tracking at

Tracking with prediction at

See http://picospace.net for details.

Expected to reach Sydney tonight, then it will be out to sea.
If the balloon survives tomorrow it might be within range of New Zealand APRS stations around 12:00 UTC 17/3

TX frequency will switch to NZ APRS frequency 144.575Mhz once 160.0 longitude is crossed.

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