[OZAPRS] VK3VHF-1 iGate off line

Paul Mullins pmullins at adam.com.au
Fri Mar 14 00:18:06 EST 2014

About to say if you want one or ten FM-900s I have heaps as well, lots of
the later model ones where the silver migration in the front ends and vco's
where fixed.


Even to the point I have ones that do not have displays, couple Leds to show
what is going down and a single on-off push button.


One the 15 pin set up and crude mute resistor setup, volume is you want to,
mount a push button on the from next to the 15 pin area  that flat bit and a
couple leds, power, TX, RX that is all is needed.


Then on the board change a couple of jumpers to make it think it is a local
and not a remote, in the software program one channel number 1 with of
course 145.175. burn the rom, shove in, and tune the hell out of the FM-900
you will be surprised just how good they really are.


If you have access to a PRM-80 yer them 10 channel ones, or maybe you don't
have a display, you can do a very similar project and they tune up a bit
better again.


I only have one PRM-80 so I can't help there but 900s' are plentiful, you
just need the idea, plant the seed.


Cheers All


Paul Mullins




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Hi Rhett,


I have a _heap_ of spare VHF FM900s. You're welcome to one if you want it. I
could probably even program and align it for you.




josh at zindello.com.au


On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 9:03 AM, Rhett VK3GHZ <rhett at vk3ghz.net> wrote:

Hi All,


for your information,  VK3VHF-1 the Eastern Victorian iGate is off line


Thanks to a close lightning strike it took out my raspberry pi (running
APRX) and the RX on the radio.  After ten years of running an iGate this is
my first radio fault, so it's not a bad hit rate.  Can't say the same for
TNC's tho hi hi.


I have spare TNC's and Raspberry Pi, but no spare radios


so not sure when or if I'll get this service running again,


but'll let keep you posted





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