Terry vk5atn at internode.on.net
Sun Mar 2 22:03:06 EST 2014

A simple dipole or inverted V is all you need for 30 metres.  
Unfortunately 30 metres is a bit of an odd one so far as coaxing 
operation on other amateur bands on the same antenna is concerned.    
However they are easy to make and work well.   I think that's all that 
Ross (VK3MY) has ever used for his HF gate station on APRS, and the 
performance of that station has been excellent.   ( I don't know if it's 
still in operation - I haven't operated there for a while - perhaps next 
weekend ).

If you are only looking to receive 30m signals than you will probably 
get OK performance from almost any wire antenna - I can hear APRS sigs 
at S9 on my OCF dipole cut for 40m as the starting frequency.   The test 
figures returned for operating it for TX on 30 metres are terrible so 
it's limited these.  However it tests and works OK on 40, 20, 10 and  
metres so it's an acceptable compromise where multiband operation is 
required and coax feed is necessary.

YMMV of course,

/Terry VK5ATN /

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