[OZAPRS] HF test

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What power ? 


- Andrew - 



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I had to "force beacon" the Tiny Trak in the rough terrain by disconnecting
and reconnecting the power to it about 6 times.  This is because I became
unsure near the end as one track petered out, lucky I had VK2TRL Ron on 2 mx
tracking me on the APRS.fi map. 



On Sunday, 2 March 2014 8:26 PM, Phil Shields <shields_phil at yahoo.com.au>

I tested HF APRS today on 30Mx around (a simple area of) the Vic high
country. I have a lifted 1992 Hylux fitted with a Hi-Q screwdriver antenna,
Icom IC702 and Tiny Trak3. It went well even in the roughest terrain. I
found my beacon timing was far too slow for 4WDing. I originally had it set
at 1600 sec on low and 900 sec on high speed. This was unsuitable because
most 4WDing is done at 10Km/hr in the high country (at least where I go
anyway) any faster and you wreck the machine. I found that low of 50 km/hr
at 600 sec and high of 70km/hr at 900 sec works fine. High could be even
faster because I know how to get there but once in i need low and slow. 

i worked fine in deep gulleys and heavy wooded areas. I would recommend this
tracking to 4WDing amateurs for sure.

Cheers Phil VK2CPR-9

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