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Sat Mar 1 10:31:06 EST 2014

I used a flat-top dipole at 45' very successfully.

I had planned a Wells Quadrant* to give omnidirectional horizontal 
radiation but I moved from Antenna Heaven to a suburban block<sigh>.

* The best description of a Wells Quadrant is a centre-fed full-wave 
dipole with one leg at right angles to the other at the feed point. The 
antenna is erected horizontally. Zo is very high (typically around 6000 
ohms for a thin wire version) but radiation pattern is omnidirectional, 
almost perfectly so. It was described briefly in The Antenna Engineering 
Handbook (Jasik) and used by the (now defunct) Australian Time and 
Frequency Standard station VNG.

Ray vk2tv

On 01/03/14 10:14, Andrew Rich wrote:
> Suggetions for a home antenna of 10 MHz ?
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