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On 8/06/2014 2:18 PM, ozaprs-request at aprs.net.au wrote:
> >>>>>For info, if you can't get through to ISS, one particular operator here beacons every 5 seconds on most VK6 passes.  This makes it very difficult for virtually anyone to get digipeated.
> >>>>>
Well that certainly could be a factor in my observation that I don't 
have as much success with westerly passes as I do with those on the 
eastern side.

My beacon rate is every 60 seconds.   I'm very much aware of the need 
for economy in these settings, but I think that gives myself and others 
a sporting chance on any pass.   I'm happy to accept discussion on other 

Incidently you can see what others use for beacon settings by further 
exploration of the main ISS stations heard page:


Scroll down to the stations heard list and click on any callsign of 

eg http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?VK5ATN-4

Then on the extreme LHS of that page:


There may be better ways of doing it, but this is how I arrived at the 
settings which worked for me.  There are variations in these paras - as 
you can discover.

Apologies if this is already known to everyone. :-[



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