[OZAPRS] ISS setup ...

Terry, VK5ATN vk5atn at internode.on.net
Sun Jun 8 08:57:37 EST 2014

Mike (VK8MA) and I have discussed this recently.

I've also been experimenting with this for quite a while now, fiddling 
with deviation and different TNCs.

My current station:
Yaesu TF-1802
1/4 wave on roof gable.

I've found that for a reliable capture I need to use 50 watts. Currently 
I'm using 25, and manage a hit on some passes but not on others.   Mike 
has excellent knowledge on the space scene, and is suggesting that the 
location of the antenna on the ISS certainly favours some passes more 
than others.    I find that a theoretical perfect pass (ie ovehead) does 
not necessarily guarantee a 'hit'. I speculate therefore therefore that 
the distance from the ISS to the Igate is also a factor.     I rely on 
my friends both on the eastern and western coast for success in my 
experiments (Sincere thanks to those who provide this service!)

The deviation on the ISS downlink sounds very soft.   I've not measured 
it, but I'd say that it's less than 2 kHz.    I could be quite wrong of 
course - just an observation.


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