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Tony Tomlinson raffi68 at tpg.com.au
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            This makes absolutely no sense mate Costing you money ??????? how is any of this relevant to the thread  time to go outside to the real world buddy have a nice day  Tony
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  Laugh about my disability if you want, but do it somewhere that's not costing me money.  I put a lot of time and money into .au APRS, as it's one of the small parts of ham radio that I can do without having to converse via voice with someone, but still have some outside contact.



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    Dear all
              I read comments list here about vk4og-1and have to laugh at a recent one that some of you aren't comfortable with voice modes that's why you use digital well  I hate to tell you fellas but if you not comfortable talking to people your in the wrong hobby. Dad and I are easy to contact and are well known in Mackay and Brisbane but for those who struggle with Google here is my email raffi68 at tpg.com.au. I personally love APRS and will gladly help out or fix the Digi whenever it requires it so don't hesitate to contact me. Don't forget vk4og is not just a call sign but my Dad who has spent his life in Ham Radio and has never refused to help a fellow ham in need. Kind regards 
                  Tony Vk4hog son of OG

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