[OZAPRS] VK2RCC not working

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Mon Jan 6 12:55:20 EST 2014

Hi John,

Thanks for your input.

Please understand I was not being critical, I really do understand the 
problems that distance can create, and gear does go down. My one regret 
is that I was unable to experience "normal" vhf aprs coverage in that 
part of the state because I think it would have been even more 
impressive than it already was.

Ray vk2tv

On 06/01/14 12:45, VK2YGV wrote:
> Hello all,
> The Tamworth radio club has had several Digi's stop working, RCC being 
> one.
> VK2RTM stopped following the passage of a bunch of storms. A 65A CB 
> was tripped. The radio was found not transmitting on 31/12/12 and was 
> replaced this last Sunday 5/1/14. 2 of 4 hour round trips + time at site.
> VK2RCC stopped receiving sometime. Suspect the radio as well but have 
> not got to it yet. 8 hour round trip.
> Mt Kaputar near Narrabri has also stopped. 6 hour round trip.
> As each digi is a day trip it takes time to get around to them and 
> then we need to have access to some sites made available by others 
> (this is usually during work hours) - so please be patient, we are 
> working on getting them going.
> We have had TNC's stop and start ok after a power down then back up 
> along with radio failures. We have ordered more hardware and am 
> looking for some more.
> Back to work I go - all the best for 2014
> Regards
> John Press
> vk2ygv at gmail.com

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