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Tue Feb 25 19:07:48 EST 2014

	Drive level is critical to success; don't over drive it. Ignore the output power level (I can't
believe I just said that ;-) )
	A suggestion from the fldigi setup procedure work a treat. Monitor the ALC level on your 706 and
wind up the drive of your TT3. Once you see the ALC start to increase, back the drive off until
there is no ALC.
	In the lead up to a Simpson crossing in 2009, we went into Bendethra; where I got packets into ZL.
There are a lot of HF Igates scattered around Oz so you should be right; your antenna and it's
placement will have a big influence.
	When I go away, I have a shadow (and "rear details" to make sure my PSKMail server behaves itself).
He reckons it is like watching me around town :-)
	Drop me a mail off-list if you want photos of my setup.
	Good luck.


On 25/02/14 18:58, Phil Shields wrote:
> I live near the Victorian high country and noticed i have a tiny trak in the stuff i collected over
> the years. I'll make up a harness for it and run it on 30mx through the IC706. I will also have a
> phone aprs running as a comparison. I'll set off Saturday near Mt Granya and do a loop, not sure if
> i will camp someplace..I'll figure it out as i go along.
> Phil VK2CPR
> On Tuesday, 25 February 2014 6:49 PM, Ian Bennett <ibennett at tpg.com.au> wrote:
> If you like them transmitting without a valid GPS fix!!
> On 25/02/14 18:40, Steve wrote:
>> I use them (TT3). I think they're good.
>> It's a good point - for TX only, I would still go a TinyTrak... even though I'm a great fan of
>> Raspberry Pi's.
>> I was just thinking that Phil was specifying the use of Raspberry Pi.
>> Steve.
>> On 25/02/14 18:37, Andrew Rich wrote:
>>> Are the tiny track 300 baud units any good ?
>>> Sent from my iPhone
>>> On 25 Feb 2014, at 6:32 pm, Steve <stevez at tpg.com.au <mailto:stevez at tpg.com.au>
> <mailto:stevez at tpg.com.au <mailto:stevez at tpg.com.au>>> wrote:
>>>> APRX with soundmodem or DireWolf.
>>>> Don't waste money on a hardware TNC, especially for TX only.
>>>> Steve.
>>>> On 25/02/14 17:51, Phil Shields wrote:
>>>>> Hi all, I'm toying with the idea of putting a raspberry Pi in the 4WD for those long hauls in
>>>>> the neva neva. Is there a Pi program that I can hook up a GPS  and  punch out 300 baud APRS
>>>>> packets to my Icom 706 as I travel along? I suppose it is a big ask on HF because accurate
>>>>> tuning is a consideration. I looked at a dedicated TNC which is probably the way to go with all
>>>>> the nifty DSB and Leds and all that jazz but it is $500 and i don't do that much isolated 4WDing.
>>>>> Thanks Phil VK2CPR
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