[OZAPRS] PICO balloon PS-5, MEL-SYD-QLD (Matt Robert)

Ian Mills vk2him at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 12:38:48 EST 2014

Hi Matt,

I was contacted off list regarding this - it seems I may have not been able
to decode due to my setup - I have a TMD-700 connected to a TNC-X via the
audio out - it's thought that the filtering of the audio was responsible for
not being able to decode as it flew-by within visual proximity to me.

Ian vk2him


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Hi Ian,

ADS-B transponders on RPT aircraft transmit with 250 watt pulses while the
Pico Balloon is 10 milliwatts (I think)

None the less, I still reckon you should've been able to hear the balloon no



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