[OZAPRS] problem in Adelaide

Paul Mullins pmullins at adam.com.au
Sat Jul 27 13:37:22 EST 2013

	I will thank all that did the tracking and those that where perpared
to track, 

	I remember geting a major ear / email bashing on why to put in a
fill-in digi, and this device that when haywire its obvise that was
not being maintained as close as it should be, this is part of the
reason why I asked on this mailing list? 

	Again many thanks for now working correctly data paths. 


	Many thanks 


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Aha, I was wondering why it wasn't on when I went to go get a bearing

There goes our weekend DFing!


On 25/07/13 3:21 PM, Tony Hunt wrote:
  Paul/ Matt / Mark etc   Its been found. Lets just say its someone
we have known for a long time thats belongs to the offending gear. It
seems that its fallen into a dubiuos state of repair and peration
probably due to the age of the battery and setup. Its marjinal at
times but works at other times.   I spent about 3/4 of an hour
cruising around Parabanks using some very old DF techniqs and found
it.   I would say that it will get cleared up soon. I spoke to the
owner and passed our regards on. As far as agressively dismantling it
goes. I would suggest we only stand to loose a friend in that
approach.    So be happy and cheerful in that we will get our APRS
tracking back in the northern areas again.   73 Tony Hunt  VK5AH  

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