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Brendan Pratt - vk4blp vk4blp at southsidears.org.au
Mon Jul 8 10:21:36 EST 2013

Jack Chomley said the following on 8/07/2013 9:35 AM:
> How nice and ham friendly :-(

Standard practice on any mailing list.

There's no need to post out an attachment of say 2Mb that'll go out to 
everyone on the list, particulary when some might be data volume limited.

Really if you sat down and thought about it, there's no need to send 
posts anywhere near the size limit of the mailing list in the first 
place. Email lists are text based transfers, not file based transfers. :)

As you can guess, I fully back up what Darryl is doing with this list. 
If anyone does not like it, then they are free to set up their own list. ;)

> On 08/07/2013, at 9:07 AM, Darryl Smith <darryl at radio-active.net.au 
> <mailto:darryl at radio-active.net.au>> wrote:
>> Hi All
>> Quick message... The current maximum size of messages on this list is 
>> 50kb. This is not strictly enforced, and occasionally I will release 
>> larger messages. But, the larger the message, the less likely it will 
>> be that I release it. This does not cause me a burden, but if your 
>> message is delayed or rejected, that is why. If it is rejected, have 
>> a look at what you posted, and try to get it down in size a bit...


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