[OZAPRS] Problem with rotate.aprs.net.au address?

Grant vk5gr at bigpond.com
Mon Jan 7 14:54:55 EST 2013

Hmm the plot thickens....

I switched last night to aunz.aprs2.net and again started seeing packets
drop from VK5GR-1 as displayed via aprs.fi. As soon as I restored the
connection back to second.aprs.net.au all functionality restored and beacons
are reliably seen every 10 minutes via the servers in the US and Europe.

IMHO there is something fishy with the rotate and distributed server
addresses. It could be something that eCumulus doesn't like (because it
doesn't hold the connections up, it just connects, sends it's frame and then
disconnects straight afterwards) or something that the way the rotate server
address works that doesn't like quick connect/send/disconnect sequences, but
I can't see that it is a connection problem between Oz and the US or Europe
considering it works reliably from second.aprs.net.au.

Anyone have any other thoughts?

I fully understand that the SysOps of the aprs-IS servers are all volunteers
and appreciate the time and effort they put into providing the service. I am
mainly raising this here as perhaps there is a problem people were not aware
of that needs to be investigated further time and availability permitting?

Grant VK5GR

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