[OZAPRS] 2013-08-22 16:53:32 CST: VK5ADE-15>APOTU0, GATE, WIDE2-1, qAS, VK2IO-4:!3448.22S/13839.74ER178/006/A=000276Open Tracker USB

Stuart Camron scameron at bigpond.net.au
Thu Aug 22 19:59:58 EST 2013

Hi group, i am in the process of setting up a HF system again in the 4wd in the idea of some long trips coming up i am using a Open Tracker USB and i have noticed that the raw packets are longer than i would like it to be can somebody tell me where my settings are wrong i have had a look at it several times and i can not see where i am going wrong.
Stuart Vk5ade   
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