[OZAPRS] experimenting with rural digipeater

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Tue Nov 13 10:22:56 EST 2012

On Tue, 13 Nov 2012 09:37:53 +1030
Matthew Cook <vk5zm at bistre.net> wrote:

> Liz,
> You only need to lob your packet into the general vincinity of an
> iGate for it to hit the net, the iGate itself doesn't participate in
> the digipeating sequence in the normal sense.  An iGate only takes
> what it hears off the channel and jams it into the APRS-IS network.
> You might notice on the end of the packet in your original email that
> the iGate has tacked on "qAR,VK1KCM" this tells APRS-IS which iGate
> gated the packet.  You will also notice the packet had been digi'd by
> VKJ2RGF & VK2RGI over-air before being heard by VK1KCM.
> For the majority of home stations WIDE2-2 is usually enough to hit an
> iGate in many regions.  You might also find that in your local area
> there is another alias that allows you to keep your packets contained
> to an area, but this depends entirely on how the APRS digi's are
> configured in your area.  Using the alias allows you to steer your
> packets towards an iGate, provided there is one within your coverage
> area.  In Adelaide we can digi to ADEL2-2 which is like a wide2-2 but
> won't escape into the mid north APRS network, these packets from home
> stations are gated straight into the net by two local iGates.
> Try WIDE2-2 and watch aprs.fi to see how often your packets get into
> the network.  For home stations you'd be trying to hit the APRS-IS
> servers every 30mins.  See how you go.
> Regards
> Matthew

I just took a little drive, and while I got packets to VK2XSE-1 and
apparently onto VK2RGF-1 (data from radios) none of them reached the
internet that way, just two packets which were received by VK2RGF-1
Obviously something on the radio at home isn't set correctly
so I'm thinking of getting the computer on the job as I understand its
programming a little better.
Home Radio currently
Digipeat ON, my call
UIDIGI on, wide1-1, wide2-1
UITRACE on, wide
will try 
UIDIGI wide1-1, wide2-2
as there are actually five or six hops to the iGates, just that the
Wagga linked repeater system only counts itself once.


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