[OZAPRS] Choosing software (linux)

Justin Albury justin at jacomms.com
Sun Nov 4 16:23:02 EST 2012

my 2cents worth......APRX works a treat for me!


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The home digipeater and / or iGate is getting closer....

I've got a robust Debian setup on the Pogoplug, the new antenna and radio are now arrived and getting closer to install.

I can reach the digipeater network reliably with a beam and 70W output.
Mobile is not reliable transmit or receive with 50W on a vertical antenna.

I'm thinking about 2 different scenarios
(A) Put the new vertical on the house, connect to the D710 and run an IGate with the Pogoplug. At times this would connect to the digipeating network through VK2RGF (dependent on atmospheric conditions).

(B) Put the new vertical on the house, connect to the Yaesu single band with the Signalink, connect the dual bander to the beam and connect both radios to the computer. Use some software method to transmit/receive APRS data on both radios. Possibility of internet connection if digipeat system fails (maintenance, bad weather etc)

I'm looking at aprx dixprs aprsdigi
What other software should I consider (low power headless linux box) ?
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