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Geoff Gatward geoff-lists at gatwards.org
Sat Mar 3 11:08:42 EST 2012


Fort hose that are not on the Xastir mailing list, as stated below Xastir
now natively supports the new BOM XML alerting that is being sent out by

The new feeds are coming online as they are made available by BOM - at this
stage only NSW/VIC/TAS/SA are covered by the new format feeds, with
QLD/WA/NT hopefully being made available by BOM on the near future. (They
should automatically start being fed by WXSVR-AU once they do come online).
At the moment not all warnings are available in the new XML format, but we
are working on getting these alerts out via APRS somehow soon.

Now that there is a native client out there, we will start looking at
turning off the OLD stream that duplicates the NWS formatting, to remove
duplication and allow us to concentrate on improving the new feeds.
 Unfortunately this will mean that clients that don't support the
Australian WX feed will stop receiving alerts, however it's open for
someone to write a plugin for these other apps :-)

Geoff VK8GG

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Thanks to Geoff Gatward, VK2XJG/VK8GG, we now have the capability in Xastir
to display weather alerts for Australia and Tasmania in a similar manner to
what we currently do with NWS weather alerts here in the U.S.

At the same time, he updated our get-NWSdata script and a couple of dbfawk
files for the U.S., so he went above and beyond his duties in supplying
these patches.

In order to see the new alerts:

*) Update to the new CVS.
*) Do the usual bootstrap/configure/make/make install thing for Xastir.
*) Run the get-BOMdata and get-NWSdata scripts (as root) to get the latest
*) Start the new Xastir.
*) Connect up to Firenet or the APRS-IS stream.

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