[OZAPRS] ARISS Digi frequency change

Mark Jessop lenniethelemming at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 14:31:45 EST 2012

 From reddit:

    ARISS/NASA guru Ken Ransom N5VHO reports that the ISS' Kenwood D700
    radio is off due to an air purifier running in the Service Module
    24/7, and it uses the same power outlet that the Kenwood radio uses.
    They only power the purifier off for scheduled ham events and then
    re-activate right afterwards.
    Ken also advises that Flight Engineer Pettit reports the Columbus
    radio should be back up on packet operating on 437.550.

tl;dr The 145.825 digi is down, however, there is a digi running on 
437.550 now.

Can any of the Australian ARISS ground stations change frequency and 
check the digi on 437.550MHz is OK?

I was hoping to do some messaging via ARISS when I'm up in the flinders 
ranges this weekend, out of range of everything else.

Mark Jessop VK5QI

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