[OZAPRS] YAAC New APRS Client etc

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jan 27 08:01:23 EST 2012

FYI  This is in its early days but looks good .
Greetings, all. 
After weeks of waiting for the lawyers at my day-job employer to finish with
the red tape, I now legally own my APRS program, so I can give it out now. 
YAAC ("Yet Another APRS Client") is an APRS client application intended for
PC's, Mac OSX, and Linux (and possibly some other platforms). It provides
all the basic functionality one would expect from an APRS client, including
interfacing both to TNCs/GPSs and to the Tier 2 APRS-IS servers, and has
standalone mapping built in (no Internet connection required for map
displays) that is pannable and zoomable without a separate mapping program.
It supports multiple simultaneously-connected TNCs and digipeating. 
Other features include: 
map display modesortable tabular reporting of all heard stations, objects,
and raw messages 
4 different ways of looking at messages support for the New-N digipeating
paradigm with standard aliases built-in and regional aliases user-enterable 
9 different ways of filtering message traffic to isolate specific data
automatic timestamped logging of both received and transmitted messages 
a plugin architecture allowing drop-in extensions built on top of other open
source products, such as Open Street Map, rxtx, and Java Help compatible
with any KISS or TNC2-compliant TNC, including the built-in TNCs in Kenwood
radios designed for plug-in I18N localized prompts and display messages 
I plan on releasing YAAC as open-source (yes, you will be able to see and
modify the source code) under the Lesser Gnu Public License as soon as I've
resolved any major issues reported by the alpha-testers (hint, hint). In the
meantime, the alpha-testers will receive ready-to-run binary distributions
while I fix any reported bugs, finish writing the online help, and bring the
source code into full compliance with the LGPL. 
So, anyone who would like to help get this ready for prime-time usage,
please sign up on the Yahoo group yaac-alpha-testers (targeted at supporting
the alpha-test effort) and visit my website to get the alpha-test
distribution and instructions. 
(No, that's not a bogus URL; I'm piggybacking off the amateur theater
website [another Java application] I also wrote and run.) 
Thanks in advance for your help. Bug reports and suggestions for
improvements and enhancements welcome. 
Per the numerous comments and requests that came in during the first 27
hours that YAAC was released, the second build of YAAC is now announced. 
Build 1.0-alpha[25-Jan-2012] contains the following changes: 
1. Change the README.txt file to use DOS line endings. 
2. Change various renderings on the OpenStreetMap maps. 
3. Change the default for mobile station track stripes to "off". 
4. Add Quick Start help and a detector to automatically launch 
Help on the Quick Start topic if no interface ports are 
already configured. 
5. Attempt to support platforms using AMD64 processors. 
6. Attempt to support platforms with their own copy of the RXTX 
libraries (note there may be a problem if the O/S-installed 
libraries are of a different version than the ones shipped 
with YAAC). 
7. Reopen the map centered on the last location it was previously 
centered upon. 
8. If the Java heap limit option is not explicitly specified, use 
a large enough default to support reading OpenStreetMap files. 
9. Support installing YAAC in a directory whose path name contains 
Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO 
professional software engineer, amateur radio operator and thespian 

73 Phillip


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