[OZAPRS] Yaesu VX8GR performance?

Andrew Scott mail at asphotos.com.au
Wed Aug 1 07:13:17 EST 2012

hello all

does anyone have a VX8gr, and how do they find it performs on aprs in oz? ive read that some digipeaters do not like its format?? but haven't been able to find anything specific?  see below.


VX-8GR APRS notes

We have found that some TNCs 
won't work properly, or at all, with the VX-8GR when in APRS mode. 
This is apparently due to the VX-8GR's format being different to other Yaesu transceivers' format/s. 
Fortunately, a customer recently told us his Tiny Track 4 TNC works excellently with his VX-8GR. 
Other similar format/design TNCs may work excellently, too. 


looking for a new handheld, and this might achieve a couple of tasks in one package.. as long as it plays nicely with australian aprs networks..


Andrew Scott
mail at asphotos.com.au

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