[OZAPRS] Horus 23 Balloon Flight - WIll go ahead today

Grant VK5GR vk5gr at bigpond.com
Sun Apr 15 07:18:42 EST 2012

Hi everyone,


A quick update - Horus 23 should lift off sometime around 11am ACST this
morning. Predictions have the flight lasting 2.5hrs and flying 80km down
range in an easterly direction from Mt Barker. We hope to hit at least 30km
altitude so the radio horizon should reach Melbourne.


The repeater frequencies are:


438.900 MHz Uplink with 123Hz CTCSS (FM)

144.650 MHz downlink (FM)


Net control is VK5ARG.


APRS will fly as VK5ARG-11 on 145.175 - via WIDE2-1


300baud RTTY telemetry will fly on 434.075 +/- 5kHz


Chase teams will be VK5VKI, VK5ZM and VK5ZSN.



Grant VK5GR (part of the VK5ZM team)


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