[OZAPRS] IGate callsign update

Les Poole vk2ape at yahoo.com.au
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Hi all
Not to sure about YL's, but boys when hams are immediately OM's, after 25 years can be genuine OT's (Old Timers) and at any time, OF's & OB's, the last two being terms of endearment or derogatory depending on the inflection in the voice when spoken.
regards Les

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Michael Wain <vk3hau at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

> When you become a HAM your a Old man, when your been a HAM for 25
> years or more your a very old man, I'v got 8 years to go before I'm a
> very old man and i'm only 40 years old, hi hi.

and if you've been a YL for more than 25 years??
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