[OZAPRS] WX server ?

Warren_Brown warbn at telstra.com
Wed May 11 22:13:22 EST 2011

Hi Tony,


We still have them in VK3, some are coming out of vk3cv-2 and the local ones
are coming out of the local igate.

For example, 


;SSE_GLE  *111330z3746.44S\13948.84EgGale Warning {B6iAA

This one is from the vk3/5 border.





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I was just wondering if the WX server is still running in VK ? The WX has
been rather off in Adelaide and the breau has been putting out weather
warnings on the radio but I have seen no NWS broadcasts or Objects on APRS
for the last few days. I am also trying to test a new client software with
NWS but its really hard to know if things are working normally.


Any ideas ?

Tony Hunt VK5AH


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