[OZAPRS] Igate

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Sun May 1 16:36:42 EST 2011


There will be intermittent disruption to the vk2tv Igate over the next 
day or two as I change computers. I'm going back to my old P700 so I can 
again return the Baycom USCC>4 card to service. The old clunker now uses 
Debian 6 (net install without a GUI) to which I added the LXDE desktop. 
The Baycom is an ISA card that required a kernel build to eliminate SMP 
support. SMP cause IRQ conflicts and that locks the Baycom solid - think 
days of DOS. ACPI doesn't fit favourably with it either!

The replacement antenna for 5175 (6dBd vertical) is still horizontal as 
I continue to prepare the tower to receive it. If the rain stays away 
that may happen later in the week.

The satgate will be restored once the new antenna is in service for 5175.

Ray vk2tv

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