[OZAPRS] D700 Internal GPS

Gordon Taylor gordon.t at internode.on.net
Sun Mar 6 18:42:54 EST 2011

	You still need to get the NMEA data back to the control unit, are
you anticipating using a separate cable.

In my eyes this sort of defeats the purpose.

When I had the D-700 in the Discovery I had the main unit mounted in the
rear load area and a hockey puck GPS mounted below one of the alpine
windows.  A short cable run then between GPS and D700 main unit.

Now with the D710 I have to run the GPS cable all the way to the front.

Would be real nice to have the option of plugging the Mic and GPS into
either the head or main unit.  That would be perfect.

Gordo VK4VP

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OK Here is a project for us all :) Have a look at this module - 
http://tekdis.com.au/data/pdf/product_431.pdf - I reckon that could fit 
inside the D700 control unit. If not it could fit into a little jiffy 
box stuck to the back. There are many similar units but this one (the RR 
version) has rs232 levels so interfacing is easy...

A question though: does anyone know if there is 5V available inside the 
control unit?

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