Russell Ashdown ashdown at hunterlink.net.au
Thu Dec 22 09:17:36 EST 2011

Hi Ray,

I'm up at Coffs until the new year.

Missed your site when I passed through last week.

Very happy to see your site up again.


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From: Ray Wells
Date: 12/21/11 18:08:23
To: Australian APRS Users
Subject: [OZAPRS] VK2RMC-1
After an absence of about 8 weeks, - not having workshop facilities is a
PITA - vk2rmc-1 is back in service.
The final in the FM828 had died, so the radio was replaced. Upon return
to the site the VSWR was checked, with as much power being reflected as
was being sent foward. It's amazing what a coax cable full of water will
do!!! No wonder the PA gave up!.
A temporary replacement antenna and coax has been installed to enable a
return to service.
That hole in aprs coverage in Kempsey has been plugged.
Ray vk2tv
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