[OZAPRS] Home brew HF APRS transmitter - follow up

Phil Willington pwillington at optusnet.com.au
Wed Aug 3 08:14:55 EST 2011

Good on ya Pete I will fire up the RX on aprs 30 meters when ur on your way. 
Try n keep contact and the odd message.

Phil vk4fil
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> Hi all,
> A follow up from my earlier posts re a home brewed HF APRS transmitter. 
> The CCI based driver amp sacrified itself over the weekend, most likely 
> because I had the corner pegging set a bit to quickly in the Tracker2. 
> End result was a buggered final transistor and a few open circuit 
> resistors.
> Having only a few days before I head off into the bush, I stripped a Codan 
> 8525A, leaving the front panel and PA.  I mounted the PSK31 based 
> transmitter in the empty space, wired it up the very ruggedly built Codan 
> PA, hardwired the LPF to the correct range, gave it 12V and voila.  I now 
> have a 100W APRS transmitter.  Sits nicely under the drivers seat.
> I have backed off the smart beaconing so that beacons go out at 2 min 
> intervals at 100km/h, 30mins when stationary, and set the beacons to 
> compressed.  Hopefully I won't be hogging the frequency so much now   The 
> Tracker2 has a nice feature to not transmit under a configured voltage. 
> I've set mine to not transmit until the voltage gets to 13.2V, which 
> should be only when the engine is running and charging the auxillary 
> battery.
> Got some pretty good results on the short drive to work today, proof in 
> the pudding will be my trip to the Flinder's Ranges and Lake Eyre starting 
> next week.
> If anybody wants any details, feel free to shoot me a note.
> 73,
> Peter
> VK4EA-15
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