[OZAPRS] APRSDroid discontinued

Howard Small howard at small.com.au
Sat Apr 2 20:01:32 EST 2011

Hi Scott and others

Just had followed up on your post and saw the comments. What an 
indictment of amateur radio and the so-called spirit amongst hams!

I realise it may be, as we often excuse it, just a few bad apples but it 
seems to happen so often that I am beginning to think the bad apples are 
in the majority...

Reminds me of the constant harping, backstabbing and endless criticism I 
see on so many other ham forums. Sort of nice to be up here in the 
tropics, away from the attitudes that develop in the over-crowded, 
pressured cities and where, as a general rule, you know everyone that 
posts on your local topics so you treat them with the same respect you 
would show if you were in a face-to-face meeting.



On 2/04/2011 6:36 PM, Scott Evans wrote:
> I was just checking to see if there was an update for this 
> application, and noticed that the developer has discontinued further 
> development and distribution.
> Kinda sad, as some of the quoted reasons are rather disturbing...
> So for android users it looks like the future is U2APRS.
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