[OZAPRS] WXSVR-AU Changes in the pipeline

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
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Hi Geoff,


Thanks for providing the WXVR service it's a great addition to APRS.


A few notes on VK3;


There's a lot of water on the ground here at present but there don't seem to
be any BoM flood warnings on the maps.

With the new RSS format will VK3 and other states get the fire alerts?








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Just looking at the changes recently made by BOM to their VK1/VK2/VK3
forecast and warning regions, there will be several significant changes
required on WXSVR-AU to support the changes.


The good (great) news is that BOM have finally provided a public set of
shapefiles for their forecast areas, AND are in the process of providing XML
based products, which makes it REALLY easy to generate the warnings (And we
no longer need to maintain our own 'custom' shapefiles)

However, since the BOM filename and zone formatting does not align with the
NWS formatting used in the U.S, it may finally be time to create our own
local UI-View client (rather than use UI-NWS), and investigate changes
required in Xastir to support the new data stream.


For now, the existing warning data stream will continue, although there may
be some introduced errors given the changes to some forecast region
boundaries.  We will be working in the background to convert the VK1/2/3
warnings to use the new XML feeds (The framework for this already exists for
the VK2 RFS Fire warnings - Changing WXSVR itself will also allow the
remaining Fire warnings for other states to be completed). 

Initially we'll aim to allow the backwards compatibility to the existing NWS
clients, but no guarantee that it will happen - it may just be easier to go
forward rather than write protocol converters to take the new BOM standards
back to what we are working with now...


These changes also won't happen overnight, so please be patient.


Stay tuned :-)



Geoff VK2XJG

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