[OZAPRS] APRS with Foundation license

Peter kc5ss at bigpond.com
Wed Oct 6 09:39:01 EST 2010


Remains me of the old days with HF packet BBSs' and the possible
ramifications of forwarding mail or bulletins entered by a Z or K call via
HF ports.
You'd remember all that Ray? I'm sure you do. Did that create some
"discussions" via sysop VKNET bulletins.

Ah the old days, no internet, telephone BBS only at 1200bps, but we HAD
packet and managed to digipeat to Melbourne once  from Gosford on 2mx and
WITHOUT Netrom, sorry Barry. The politics were good value in those days too.

Sorry guys, I thought a bit of "spam" was appropriate. Between DOC/ACA/ACMA
policies and interpretations, nothing has changed much over the years.


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I'm cheap; but not easy :-P

On Wed, 6 Oct 2010 08:23:39 Ray Wells wrote:
> Isn't it amazing how Monopoly has never been affected by inflation  
> :-)
> Ray vk2tv
> On 06/10/10 08:17, Ian Bennett wrote:
> > Gents,
> > 	Another reason to upgrade to Advanced is to operate HF APRS which 
> > is on 30m. There are a few Standard calls who are using 20m quite 
> > successfully though, but 30m is where the global community operate.
> > 	During our trip to the Simpson Desert last year, I was getting 
> > packets in through ZL and the US; not to mention the VK Igates that 
> > cover Oz. It was as though I hadn't strayed away from the big smoke and
2m coverage.
> > The 30m freq was why I had to go directly to Advanced (without 
> > passing go and not collecting $200 ;-) ). 22 years in the Army as a 
> > technician helped heaps here (never thought I'd actually say that!!!).
> > 	Before anyone asks, I did look into "recognition of prior learning"
> > however after assessing what I needed to do, the path of least 
> > resistance was to just sit the exams.
> >
> > Ian
> > VK1IAN
> >

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