[OZAPRS] APRS with Foundation license

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Mon Oct 4 22:31:12 EST 2010

Hi Martin,

That's correct.

An F call can use APRS to his/her hearts content on the internet but as soon
as it is transmitted on RF there will be a breach of the licence conditions.

I do not know of any way to filter out F calls from and IGate to stop them
from being transmitted to RF. It there was a filter it would have to be
installed on all IGates world wide. 

So I guess that they can not transmit on APRS at all.

Interestingly though it is the responsibility of the IGate licensee to
police what is transmitted to RF from his IGate. See section 11A of the LCD

(2) The licensee must not, directly or indirectly, connect the station to a
public telecommunications network, unless the licensee has implemented
reasonable measures to ensure that only appropriately licensed persons
access the station to transmit a signal to another amateur station.

(3) In this section: appropriately licensed person means a person holding a
licence that authorises that person to operate a station using the frequency
and emission mode of the station being accessed.

Note 1 A licensee who operates a station connected to the public
telecommunications network is not required to authorise other persons to
operate the station for the purpose of accessing the station.

Note 2 For the purpose of the amateur service, the Internet is considered to
be part of a public telecommunications network.

If clarification is required on these paragraphs I recommend you talk to the
WIA first.

The WIA has a good understanding of the ACMAs interpretation of the LCD and
it would not be in the Amateurs best interest to go straight to the ACMA.

My two cents.


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> > Seeking opinions on this scenario.
> >
> > Foundation licence holder installs APRS app on their Iphone - this will
> allow them to track, beacon and message into the APRS network.
> >
> > Or, they install Xastir or a similar on a PC without any radio attached.
> >
> > Would either of these breech the LCD's pertaining to a Foundation
> licence?
> >
> > Steve VK2POO
> Hi Steve
> If the F-calls iPhone packets were gated back to the RF network there
> would be an issue.
> Part 8A of the LCD basically says  keep your transmissions to the modes
> and bands
> you are allowed, even if they go through third party devices.
> Cheers
> Martin
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