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The APRS website was originally set up as in information resource, with
logins granted only to people looking after the various sections within the
site.   The logins are really only for those maintainers, although we
recently added the facilities to allow upload of APRS maps to the site for

I'm working on setting up 'self registration' to the website.  (Hopefully it
will be working soon)


Note that registering on the site (when it becomes available) will only give
you permission to upload maps at this stage.



Geoff  VK2XJG


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Is anyone else having the same problem trying to register to the APRS web
page as I am, this is what I get


Access denied

You are not authorized to access this page. 



I saw you reply Larry VK5LY to the other station VK2ZSZ and sent you a
personal email hope it was the correct address






David  VK4UN


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