[OZAPRS] Surpise for 40m !!!

John Simon jrsimon at ozemail.com.au
Tue Mar 23 14:25:55 EST 2010

What QRG on 40M?  I've missed it each time it was spoken about.

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> Rob,
> I'm halfway between Brisbane and Sydney, near Kempsey, and I've logged
> 171 packets from you on 30m to 12.15 today.
> If you can get the right path on 30m you'll see some amazing connection
> times. 900 to about 2100km seems optimum. When I ran the bbs on 30m I
> consistently had 22 hours per day with vk5uj (about 1100km). I did as
> well with a vk3. The only place Oz could do with a 30m Igate is around
> Alice Springs, and maybe the NW of vk6. The existing network seems to
> provide good coverage. My heard list for the last 24 hours shows
> VK3MY-4
> VK7DIK-4
> ZL3REW-4
> VK4JYM-15
> VK6LD-15
> VK4UN-4
> VK3BDG-9
> VK5ADE-15
> W7CCY - heard almost daily
> AB9FT-10
> AB9FT-4
> VK2JFP-15
> VK4DMI-4
> VK2SL-15
> VK4HW-4
> VK3BQZ-9
> David, VK4MDX, has had success with 40m but the number of Igates is
> limited compared with 30m. In my years of running the bbs on both 30m
> and 40m I never found 40m open as long as 30m, and the extra noise
> (static crashes, etc) on 40m was a nuisance, even in my rural location
> where standing noise is typically S0. It's horses for courses and David
> was driven to 40m for licencing reasons. I believe he's quite chuffed
> with his success there.
> Ray vk2tv
> Rob - VK6LD wrote:
>> Hi Scott,
>> orana> Well I've just noticed I have received to packet frames from
>> orana> 2010-03-21 11:36:53 UTC: 
>> orana> 3500.40S/11719.55E(/A=000124 12.7V 27C
>> orana> 2010-03-21 12:52:35 UTC: 
>> orana> IC706MK2G Outbacker OpenTracker+
>> orana> So maybe 40m will show a little more promise...
>> I hooked up my HF packet on the weekend and have left it running the
>> past few days to get an idea of how the propagation works on 30M & 40M
>> across the day & night.
>> I am heading off on a bit of a bush trip in about 6 weeks time so
>> wanted to know the best frequencies to use during daytime & nighttime
>> hence the reason for running it.
>> I am also suprised how long the bands are open for. Most of my packets
>> are being heard in VK2 & VK4 as well as VK7 & VK8 & ZL for a large
>> part of the day. Suprisingly I haven't been heard by the VK3MY-4
>> gateway on 30M - Maybe off frequency at my end?
>> >From what I can see 30M does seem to be open from here for more hours
>> of the day & night, but maybe this is also the greater spread of the
>> igates around the states. I probably need to leave the HF APRS running
>> on 40M for a bit longer to get a good idea of the propagation in
>> relation to the igates.
>> A couple of other suprises was being heard by VK6UZ-4, who is only
>> 400kms north of me - quite a short hop for 30M and the other one from
>> last night is:
>> 2010-03-22 19:55:23 UTC: 
>> VK6LD-15>APOTC1,GATE,VK3CV-1,WIDE2*,qAR,VK7JH-1:!3500.36S/11719.55E(350/000/A=000067 
>> 12.5V 25C
>> Does VK3CV-1 have HF APRS services (it seems to be VHF from the raw
>> packets) or maybe it has gone through some other route like VK7DIK-4
>> and the raw data isn't quite accurate.
>> All in all I am quite impressed with the HF side of APRS. I think I
>> have inspired another local amateur to install his HF radio into his
>> car and get on HF APRS.
>> Thanks again for the signal report.
>> 73's
>> Rob...
>> VK6LD
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