[OZAPRS] How Often is Too Often?

Darryl Ross d at vk5hz.com
Tue Mar 23 13:05:19 EST 2010

Resending this as I appear to have sent it from the wrong email address 
the first time. Appologies if anyone receives a dup.

Hey All,

Now I've had my tracker working reasonable well in the car for a couple
of weeks, I'm looking at tweaking the settings a bit.

At the moment I have smart beaconing turned on and have it set to beacon
every 1km, this seems to work fairly well in the city (60s at 60kph -
although more like 180s with the traffic I was in this morning!), but is
probably a bit too often in the country areas (33s at 110kph).

I was thinking of using the primary/secondary functionality of the TT3+
to be able to select different smart beaconing parameters.

So, my question is what settings are people using for the straight line
smart beaconing parameters?

Darryl, VK5HZ

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