[OZAPRS] Surpise for 40m !!!

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Tue Mar 23 12:50:08 EST 2010

I'm halfway between Brisbane and Sydney, near Kempsey, and I've logged 
171 packets from you on 30m to 12.15 today.

If you can get the right path on 30m you'll see some amazing connection 
times. 900 to about 2100km seems optimum. When I ran the bbs on 30m I 
consistently had 22 hours per day with vk5uj (about 1100km). I did as 
well with a vk3. The only place Oz could do with a 30m Igate is around 
Alice Springs, and maybe the NW of vk6. The existing network seems to 
provide good coverage. My heard list for the last 24 hours shows
W7CCY - heard almost daily

David, VK4MDX, has had success with 40m but the number of Igates is 
limited compared with 30m. In my years of running the bbs on both 30m 
and 40m I never found 40m open as long as 30m, and the extra noise 
(static crashes, etc) on 40m was a nuisance, even in my rural location 
where standing noise is typically S0. It's horses for courses and David 
was driven to 40m for licencing reasons. I believe he's quite chuffed 
with his success there.

Ray vk2tv

Rob - VK6LD wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> orana> Well I've just noticed I have received to packet frames from
> orana> 2010-03-21 11:36:53 UTC: VK6LD-15>>APOTC1,VK7HSE-4,VK7RHT-1,WIDE2*,qAR,VK7HSE-3:!
> orana> 3500.40S/11719.55E(/A=000124 12.7V 27C
> orana> 2010-03-21 12:52:35 UTC: VK6LD-15>>APOTC1,VK7HSE-4,VK7RHT-1,WIDE2*,qAR,VK7HSE-3:>HF APRS:
> orana> IC706MK2G Outbacker OpenTracker+
> orana> So maybe 40m will show a little more promise...
> I hooked up my HF packet on the weekend and have left it running the
> past few days to get an idea of how the propagation works on 30M & 40M
> across the day & night.
> I am heading off on a bit of a bush trip in about 6 weeks time so
> wanted to know the best frequencies to use during daytime & nighttime
> hence the reason for running it.
> I am also suprised how long the bands are open for. Most of my packets
> are being heard in VK2 & VK4 as well as VK7 & VK8 & ZL for a large
> part of the day. Suprisingly I haven't been heard by the VK3MY-4
> gateway on 30M - Maybe off frequency at my end?
> >From what I can see 30M does seem to be open from here for more hours
> of the day & night, but maybe this is also the greater spread of the
> igates around the states. I probably need to leave the HF APRS running
> on 40M for a bit longer to get a good idea of the propagation in
> relation to the igates.
> A couple of other suprises was being heard by VK6UZ-4, who is only
> 400kms north of me - quite a short hop for 30M and the other one from
> last night is:
> 2010-03-22 19:55:23 UTC: VK6LD-15>APOTC1,GATE,VK3CV-1,WIDE2*,qAR,VK7JH-1:!3500.36S/11719.55E(350/000/A=000067 12.5V 25C
> Does VK3CV-1 have HF APRS services (it seems to be VHF from the raw
> packets) or maybe it has gone through some other route like VK7DIK-4
> and the raw data isn't quite accurate.
> All in all I am quite impressed with the HF side of APRS. I think I
> have inspired another local amateur to install his HF radio into his
> car and get on HF APRS.
> Thanks again for the signal report.
> 73's
> Rob...
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