[OZAPRS] Tait 2030 radios for APRS repeaters

David Hopkins davhop at bigpond.net.au
Sat Mar 6 18:50:17 EST 2010


With the success of the installation of the VK2RAP digi repeater 
extending the coverage south of Warwick Phil (VK4HPW) and myself have 
been asked to produce an APRS repeater to be installed in Tenterfield.

This would further close the gap on the New England Highway.

As I have quite a number of Tait 2030 radios available we would like 
if possible to use one of these.
These radios have one serious problem in that the IF bandwidth is way 
to narrow and will need a wider bandwidth filter installed.

Can anyone out there with contacts in the two way radio field lay 
their hands on a couple of wide bandwidth filter boards to fit these radios.

If we can get these radios going as repeaters we should be able to 
produce several repeaters for increasing the APRS coverage.

Thanks for any help.


David G. Hopkins (VK4ZF)
27 32.38S 153 12.03E
SKYPE :-  davhop 

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