[OZAPRS] HELP T700 25 pin connector

Robert Thirkettle rob.thirkettle at canterbury.ac.nz
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Hi Paul you need the next part of the model number to tell if its a narrow band model T753-? from memory T735 is a high band model 450-490? MHz I have a T735-10 I pulled down to 430MHz. 

Some where i do have a paper copy of the T700 service manual I appears there is no electronic copies of service manual available I have asked a contact of mine who works for Tait and he can't locate one.

Regards Rob ZL3RX

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Can you confirm that the model number of the radio is a T753?

The Telstra trunked network was configured as a narrow band system, so you
might have problems with the receiver performance.  The configuration can be
quickly confirmed if you have the cover off the radio, as narrow band will
have a G series IF filter.  Wide band use a D series filter.

Attached is circuit detailing the rear audio interface - SK7 is the DB25



On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 6:17 PM, Paul Mullins <pmullins at adam.com.au> wrote:

> Hi all ,
> does anybody have the pin outs for the Tait T700 series, normally these
> where the old telstra radio.
> Whilst I am asking does anybody know where I could find a copy of the
> workshop manual.
> as the radio is going to be a data radio only, do I need to fix the blown
> up audio chip?
> cheers All
> Paul
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