[OZAPRS] Tinytrak 4 as a digipeater...?

Tony Hunt wavetel at internode.on.net
Wed Jul 14 13:24:07 EST 2010


After looking at a few options including Tinytrak 4 and TNC-X (with addon 
digi board) which I have myself I go for the OT2 (often refered to as 
Tracker2) every time as a network digi on remote sites.

Check out the OT2M

I currently have a OT2M running on solar power here with a Maxon radio 

Tony  Hunt VK5AH  wavetel at internode.on.net

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> Subject: [OZAPRS] Tinytrak 4 as a digipeater...?
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> Hello All,
> I'm looking for some hardware to setup another digipeater in my area.
> The site I have access to is well elevated, so I think it would do
> more than a fill-in digi.
> I was looking at the Argent Tracker2, but they don't appear to be in
> stock for the last couple of months that I have been watching them.
> Any comments or opinions on using the Tinytrak 4 as a digipeater? Any
> other recommendations - TNC-X, Fox Delta, Argent, etc?
> 73's
> Rob...

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