[OZAPRS] Igate appliance instead of a PC

Colin Matten cmatten at nortel.com
Wed Apr 21 15:29:59 EST 2010

Some DSL/Cable routers can be loaded with a special linux build - see
http://www.dd-wrt.com and http://openwrt.org/.  Once you have the router
running this software, you can load other software onto them. 

This is a good starting point




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Hi Everybody,
I've just experienced a power failure, it appears to have been storm
related up in the north of SA... pretty pictures on the BOM web page
from the Woomera radar.
Anyway, while virtually all my shack equipment runs on 12V and my backup
battery system worked a treat. Even my network wiring closet has battery
backup for the routers, modems, VOIP box, network switch, etc.

The VK5ZEA Igate machine does not run on DC. It has a UPS which keeps
things going for a little while... but this only lasts for so long.
I've been toying with getting a 12V ATX power supply for the PC to run
off my 250Ah battery system, but have been wondering if there is a more
efficient way to run an Igate than on a PC.
Is it possible to provide simple Igate functionality on a router like
device? Even a fanless 12V mini ITX machine might be better. I've only
had experience with using UIView as my Igate... is there a solid and
reliable Linux solution that just works and can work on a basic spec PC?

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