[OZAPRS] Igate appliance instead of a PC

Mark Austin vk2jma at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 19:18:30 EST 2010

G'Day Michael.
The VK2JMA-5 IGate in Tamworth suffered a similar demise, only the PC didn't
come back after the storm. The new setup is an older Adventech 12v disk-less
mini PC (ARK-1380, I think) running Ubuntu 9.10 and Xastair 1.9.7 on a 4 gig
compact flash card (no HDD at all). It's not a router type device, but it
has been a set and forget IGate and a full 12v solution.


Michael Carey <michaelcarey at internode.on.net> wrote:

> Hi Everybody,
> I've just experienced a power failure, it appears to have been storm
> related up in the north of SA... pretty pictures on the BOM web page
> from the Woomera radar.
> Anyway, while virtually all my shack equipment runs on 12V and my backup
> battery system worked a treat. Even my network wiring closet has battery
> backup for the routers, modems, VOIP box, network switch, etc.
> The VK5ZEA Igate machine does not run on DC. It has a UPS which keeps
> things going for a little while... but this only lasts for so long.
> I've been toying with getting a 12V ATX power supply for the PC to run
> off my 250Ah battery system, but have been wondering if there is a more
> efficient way to run an Igate than on a PC.
> Is it possible to provide simple Igate functionality on a router like
> device? Even a fanless 12V mini ITX machine might be better. I've only
> had experience with using UIView as my Igate... is there a solid and
> reliable Linux solution that just works and can work on a basic spec PC?
> Michael.
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