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Fri Nov 13 00:14:42 EST 2009

voltage PSU might confirm how power varies with supply voltage. If it does,
then the 4xAA pack is not as advertised.


On 20/01/2010 9:07, Damien Gardner Jnr wrote:
> Hey folks,
> A while ago the battery pack on my D7 died completely, so I headed into
> andrews to get a new one..  Turned out he had the kenwood 4-AA box in
> stock, so I went with that instead, after being assured that the
> difference between my 9.6v high-capacity pack, and the 6v 4xAA pack
> wouldn't effect my power out...  Although having bought one of the
> little digitor 30W VHF amps off ebay yesterday, I find that on battery,
> the D7 is only putting out about 3W, where was on external DC, it's
> putting out the full 5W.. - Anyone else gone from a 'proper' pack to one
> of the AA packs?  And seen something similar?  Doesn't bother me hugely,
> as I pretty much always use it off the car power, but thought it was a
> bit strange..
> Cheers,
> DG

David Ingram (VK4TDI)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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